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Passing the Past-Gandharva Deshpande | IRIS FEST

Passing the Past-Gandharva Deshpande

‘Tenses’ in school was my beloved grammar topic. Perhaps because I found it easy and interesting.
To be honest, the thing that fascinated me the most was not actually those tenses but the transition or conversion between them. For example: I went to school became I go to school in the present and I will go to school in future. But in life, in a broader context, I went to school in the past and Now, I go to college.
Yes, life is different and progressive.
Things change in life unlike those silly examples of Grammar. This is what makes it interesting. But, if I say living your life back then was more fun than today, I don’t think much of them will disagree.
Today, while sitting all alone and peering at the stars in the sky if I look back at the years I lived. I feel that living my school life was much better than what I am doing in here. As kids, we were much excited to grow up and had this craze about getting into a college. Now, we understand how preposterous our dream was and the life we were living was heaven. Thinking about school and friends always becomes over sentimental, nostalgic and makes me cry buckets because that was the best part of my live. But, unfortunately, I did not realize it then in my quest to grow. Perhaps, that’s what makes it special. You never know when you are living the best part of life striving for better but realize it much late when you look back. Dwelling in the past, thinking about it is a good pastime as it is never boring. Every time I’d think about it my brain would come up with new points. It was all old stuff which never really got old. Probably because I loved what I did there and the way I treated life. Times change and our perspective towards life changes. I don’t know why but the child in us gets lost and a gist of seriousness enters us. The fearlessness of saying things, doing things without thinking much creates embarrassing moments at times. But, they also give us tonnes of memories to cheer about.
At the end that’s what matters. Memories. Because they have the magic to bring a smile on your face. Something, which our grades can hardly do.
Everyone feels like pausing the present and moving back to the past and reliving those moments. But, practically we also understand the probability of this event is 0. So, instead we could just start living again as we did back then. Free, open and fearless. Create more memories today, live the life to the fullest so that on our death bed we have enough memories to cherish once again. It is alright to look back once a while to get refreshed or feel good about something when we are low but making that a habit could be dangerous. As the quote suggests, Past is a good place to visit but a bad one to stay in. Be it good or bad, the quote prevails.
Life is all about creating memories and living it to the fullest. I think that’s what we unconsciously did yesterday, but should also consciously do it today and tomorrow.