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How the Next Gen Has Changed for The Worst -Hrishikesh Telang | IRIS FEST

How the Next Gen Has Changed for The Worst -Hrishikesh Telang

My childhood days had been pretty awesome. I never really had to worry about my engineering studies at all. It was the only time when I spent most of my time playing, reading and ceasing every opportunity to have fun. It was even better when I had no tension about exams at all; I would just manage to scrape through them. During the summer vacations, I just spent more time gallivanting around with my friends and played so many games every summer afternoon; with the beautiful bright sunny weather and taking sips of Tang or Rasna in that scorching heat. Man, that was epic!
The school days were even better when we used to spend time playing “Name Place Animal Thing”, “Hand Cricket”, “Thumb Wrestling”, as well as all those teachers who either said that the class was the worst, or the class was like a fish market. I always waited for school recess and PT periods more than spending those tedious hours of Geography, Hindi, Marathi and all those boring subjects. Damn, I yearn for those reminiscent years and I wish I experienced it again for just a day!
I’m also very glad I grew up in a generation where technology didn’t take over too much and its use was well-balanced with human life. I neither had a gaming console at home when I was younger, nor I ever spent much of my time on the computer. Those days, Facebook was just an emerging concept and people were better off living in the real world, with real people, without being totally dependent on mobiles. There was even a newly emerged trend of buying a digital camera where we wouldn’t have to worry about the reels and just capture unlimited number of pictures. Life was so much better when we, as young children, didn’t have to worry about anything at all. We’d rather live in the moment more.
Nokia was undoubtedly the best phone of that generation, because we never had to think about Android and iOS. The Symbian version was so basic that people wouldn’t get glued to it due to its less user-friendliness and because of non-existent mobile assistants like Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant. The best part about that generation, was that the internet was used only for good purposes. We never had to worry about e-mail hacking, phishing and cat fishing as much as today, because social networking sites weren’t really of people’s interest at that time.
It is surprising how the generation changed in just a decade. In today’s times, I see countless number of children who are totally glued to gaming consoles, TV, laptops, tablets and other devices, confining themselves only at home. It has not only rusted their thinking capacity, but has also failed to make them think out of the box. I hardly ever see children playing down in my building ground, deeply sympathising by the fact that they are missing so much of fun and lacking behind so much on physical activities which they’ll never be able to do in full fledge as young adults. They have become like frogs in a deep well, where the well is the whole world for them. They fail to gain travelling experiences or take part in any activities which they can inculcate at this correct age.
This generation even started with the selfie trend, which helps us capture important moments with certain people who mean the world to us. That is also the same time when Snapchat became even more popular in use, with the new concept of Stories, to which I’m totally against. Snapchat basically reveals even more about your daily activities. Same goes to Instagram, where people actively keep stalking everyone. People are totally drowned in the virtual world and simply just want to show how robust their social lives are. The generation is getting shallower and more addicted to mobiles with new apps, which are causing more distractions. They waste valuable amount of time in checking out what’s cooking in people’s houses more than theirs.
Even the music generation in which I grew up released songs which appealed to my senses completely such as The Beatles, Queen, Linking Park, ABBA, Westlife, Backstreet Boys, TLC. The songs of this generation are mere EDM which is devoid of musical rhythm and more of noise pollution, similar to the type of irritation one experiences with the blaring traffic noise. I have been given to understand by my college friends that these are the type of songs people love listening to. Have the music taste standards downgraded so badly in just one decade? Even Rap Songs sung by Eminem and Jay-Z have started making more sense to me than what I’m listening to right now. The music industry hasn’t just changed the type of music taste but the overall idea about music itself.
Unfortunately, we, as humans, have failed to distinguish between what’s right and wrong. We have also failed to share the correct amount of information with correct people. I have seen so many people losing their self-esteem and self-worth only because they do not get enough social attention on Facebook. They don’t even realize that the virtual world is full of artificiality and is completely superfluous. We always tend to over think unnecessarily about people not responding to our messages on WhatsApp (when the ground reality could totally be different) thereby leading to a lot of unwanted misunderstandings. Dating sites, Matrimonial Sites, Social Networking Sites which were basically introduced for a good purpose to connect people together, has now become a lethal weapon unknown to us. These same sites are the reasons for several unnecessary crimes which are on the rise these past few years.
This situation is not controllable to me, but a balance in life can be maintained. As time passes by, technology will be more deeply rooted in our lives, making it even more difficult to wean off of it. Our generation is getting a lot pettier and more conceited and it is getting more spoilt over the years.
It is my earnest request to stop this madness going on about these social sites, which have proved to be malice to human mankind. There needs to be a certain line drawn and equality needs to be maintained between reality and virtual life. It is a malady, which can make them divert from their focus on studies and reaping misery and destruction only to themselves.