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Manage stress-You don't have to eliminate it-Aaron Lemos | IRIS FEST

Manage stress-You don’t have to eliminate it-Aaron Lemos

In today’s modern era stress has become very common among everyone especially college students. The unforgiving pace and complexity of modern life has greatly challenged our ability to live healthily and fully in the present moment. So what is stress?In what scenarios do we use the word stress?Many of us have different interpretations about the word stress. We generally use the word “stress” when we feel that everything seems to have become too much, for example if we have a lot of workload or wonder whether we really can cope with the pressures placed upon us.Stress is inevitable and it affects almost everyone.Speaking of college students, stress affects them in many drastic ways. College students have a lot to think and do at the same time for example doing well in exams,completing assignments on time, dealing with peer pressure, etc.Sometimes students have to work with many new people,involve into group discussions, make decisions on their own at a higher level which also causes nervousness and sometimes stress.Students also worry about managing time in order to complete every task given to them. Sleep deprivation can cause many physical and mental problems and can increase stress.Well,its absolutely natural for every human being to get stressed or worried in such situations,provided that it does not affect them in the long run. At times stress may be helpful. A fire alarm is intended to cause the stress that alerts you to avoid danger. The stress created by a deadline to finish a paper can motivate you to finish the assignment on time.
But when experienced in excess stress causes various effects on us.Effects such as high blood pressure,depression,weak muscles and immune system,rapid breathing etc are seen. Stress can harm our emotional and physical health, and limit our ability to function at home, in school, and within our relationships.
While stress has many ill effects there are various stress managing strategies.Firstly a healthy mind and body is what is required in the first place.This can be attained by having a balanced diet with at least 30 minutes of any physical exercise like cycling,running or any of our favourite sport.We should also reduce our caffeine intake as it dehydrates the body.Other methods of reducing stress and enhancing our college experience include keeping our mind organized,maintaining contact with our family,friends,professors who may also guide us at any time.Setting realistic goals for ourselves can also help us improve our mood and complete any task on time without having to worry about the same. Adequate sleep fuels our mind, as well as your body. Feeling tired will increase our stress because it may cause us to think irrationally.When our minds continuously feed us messages about what we “should” achieve, “ought” to be, or “mustn’t” do, we are setting ourselves up to fall short of goals that may be unrealistic, and to experience stress along the way.Hence we need to be optimistic and try to avoid such thoughts.When facing challenges we must look at them as opportunities for our personal growth. At times we all feel stressed because of various reasons but ultimately what matters is how we are able to manage stress.Stress cannot be eliminated completely but its effects can be avoided by several control measures.Hence we all must try to manage stress in every possible way we can, if we are not able to completely eliminate it.